Speed Painting

I participate in a one hour speed paint session once a week. The following illustrations are some of my favorites. A random sentence generator creates a sentence that is emailed to participants on the hour. We have one hour, sometimes less, to create a concept based on the sentence, using no pre-exisiting art. All entries are then reviewed and critiqued at the end of the hour. Sometimes there are parameters introduced such as black and white only.

A decomposing strong man uses superscience to control a priest in a blizzard.

A lost village from an ancient culture

A fantastical messenger arrives in court

A japanese rat communicates with a dragon in a giant crater

An armed caveman greets pack of beasts

A smoking bald geek surprises a charming red deity in the desert.

A black scarecrow raises an octopus under the rain

An evil geisha

A lone viking warlord at the edge of a cliff

A rusted assasin stands beneath a monolith in the rain

A friendly monster with a day job

A cartoon baby hides from a demon in ice caverns

Men disguised as birds among a dark forest

In the nest of the beast